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Sensitive Boy

from by John Peacock



Another very old song - I think I might have played it first at Bunjies. It's that old. The barebones acoustic version is on The Secret Agent's Dream, although this recording is in some ways even older - I recorded the basic tracks for this in 1998 - the guitar and vocals are the ones I recorded then (I think). This was before virtual instruments, so the drums were originally fed back out to my drum machine and each individual sound recorded to its own track. Later (2001-2002-ish?) I added electric guitar and organ and rerecorded the bass.

At some point I successfully extracted the MIDI tracks and original recordings from Cubase and put them into Logic.

When I was last uploading, I remixed it completely, and turned the drums into modern virtual instruments. This version is remixed and remastered all over again.

These things are very complicated.


He's a sensitive boy
In short trousers and dirt.
See him run down the alley,
Flapping tail on his shirt.
And he'll think of a girl,
What can he say to her?
Sensitive boy.

He's a sensitive boy,
Armbands on in the pool.
He will dream of September
When he goes back to school,
And he'll read to the class
In a voice strong and true,
Sensitive boy.

But he is honest and open when he talks to strangers
And he's struck dumb by the stars in his eyes.
How can a creature like that survive?
If they don't take him and build him up
He will never thrive.
Always to be the stripling,
The halfwit, the weakling,
The coward, the crybaby - yes!
The sensitive boy.

See the sensitive boy
With no reason or rhyme
He will have to be punished
Maybe we'll find a crime
To hang round his neck
Like a collar and tie.
Sensitive boy.

See the sensitive boy
Watch him swing on a gate.
It is time he was beaten
For he must learn to hate.
The scars will make him tough.
He'll thank us one day.
Sensitive boy.

So kiss him goodbye.


from Oldies and Curiosities, track released March 4, 2013


all rights reserved



John Peacock London, UK

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