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Learning to Crash

from by John Peacock



I originally uploaded a different, messier version of this as part of the Upload Splurge of 2009, but since then have played it a lot. This version is also part of the sessions I did with Juan Piola and Oscar Hidalgo, who plays drums, though when he played them there were a lot more of them and they weren't a snare played with brushes.


It's a big world
Not easy to miss
And sometimes you wind up
With a mouth full of dirt
When you only wanted to kiss the ground
Like a pope.

It's a small world
But not easy to carry
And sometimes you just want to
Set it down
And go off and marry that prince you found
Like a dope

And you've spent your life
Doggedly, fervently
Training for this.
Learning to crash
With style.
The target is too small to see
But too big to miss.
If you're going to hit it
You might as well smile.

It's an old world
But not quite grown up yet
And sometimes it just wants to
Play in the sun
And sometimes it dances around
At the end of its rope

And you may be too young to know
And too old to forget.
Here comes the ground now
Remember to smile.


from Recent Songs, track released February 18, 2013
Engineer: Juan Piola
Drums: Oscar Hidalgo


all rights reserved



John Peacock London, UK

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