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by John Peacock

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Recent tracks that I uploaded during the ill-fated track-a-week splurge of early 2013


released June 3, 2013


all rights reserved



John Peacock London, UK

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Track Name: Aerodynamics
Pilot your rowboat
Over the waterfall of dreams
To the rapids below
Your presupposition
That everything's everything it seems
Just let it go.

Your education
In aerodynamics
Is about to begin
Send the boat
Out into the void

Over the ocean
The albatross slides across the sky
As we earthbound observe
Her reputation
That she doesn't do anything but fly
Is well deserved

This bird knew nothing
Of aerodynamics
But didn't worry about a thing
She just threw herself
Out into the void

And sailed away
To the horizon
Watch her fly

I test the branch
That I'm standing on
And measure out the drop
To the ground down below
I may be in danger
Of starting something
That I cannot stop
I wouldn't know

You give me your lecture
On aerodynamics
But I don't hear a thing
I just step out
Into the void
Track Name: Learning to Crash
It's a big world
Not easy to miss
And sometimes you wind up
With a mouth full of dirt
When you only wanted to kiss the ground
Like a pope.

It's a small world
But not easy to carry
And sometimes you just want to
Set it down
And go off and marry that prince you found
Like a dope

And you've spent your life
Doggedly, fervently
Training for this.
Learning to crash
With style.
The target is too small to see
But too big to miss.
If you're going to hit it
You might as well smile.

It's an old world
But not quite grown up yet
And sometimes it just wants to
Play in the sun
And sometimes it dances around
At the end of its rope

And you may be too young to know
And too old to forget.
Here comes the ground now
Remember to smile.
Track Name: Tomorrow We Will Fly
Lock all the doors
Be sure the blinds are closed

The windows too
We've mopped the floors
We've folded all the clothes
There's nothing more to do

Tonight the suitcase is all but done
Tomorrow, close it up and run

And we will rise
And open up our eyes
And see the world anew.

Our hearts are eager to fly away
Our bodies, obstinate, wish to stay.

Tonight we die
Tomorrow we will fly
And where we land,
Who knows?
Track Name: The Rest of Our Lives
Right! Good!
What do we do with the rest of our lives?
Now we can do anything
What do we do?

We could
sit here and dream for the rest of our lives
That is what we've always done
Our dreams might come true.

Under the breath
Beneath the skin
It's the ticking of the clock
The prick of the pin

Every time something begins in our lives
We paint it to look like the thing
That stood there before.

No more
Rooting around in the bins of our lives
Searching for leftover dreams
Could we scavenge no more?

The liquid buzz
The distant hum
It's the neighbour's car-alarm
The beat of the drum

It's a mad game
Everything seems to be
And repercussions
And we are only fixing our ends,
And we'd race to embrace time
If time was our friend.

What do we do with the rest of our lives?